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At City Management Accountants we provide a number of Accountancy services – if you’d like any further information on our services, please contact us!

Business Plan

A Business Plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons why they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain background information about the organisation or team attempting to reach those goals. It is a very important part of forming a business, as it details how the business will become successful. To this end, it is very important that it is well-researched and backed up with accurate information.

We can help you form your Business Plan, as well as advise you on other documentation you require for Business Start-Ups.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow Forecasting is the modeling of a company’s future financial liquidity over a specific time-frame, and is an important input into valuation of assets and in budgeting for the future. ‘Cash’ usually refers to the company’s total bank balances, but often what is forecast is treasury position which is cash plus short-term investments minus short-term debt.

A lot of financial information needs to be compiled efficiently to ensure an accurate Cash Flow forecast, but our professional services can help remove a lot of the burden!

Tax Returns

Each year the Inland Revenue will send you your Self-Assessment Return for the previous tax year (6th April through until 5th April). If you are Self-Employed and run your own business we can help you sort out for tax affairs, making sure your records are accurate and provided on time!

If you are registered for VAT, you also must complete VAT Returns at regular intervals called a Tax Period. As with all Taxation Returns, you must ensure that your records are as accurate as possible and are completed by a set deadline. Our professional service will take this pressure away from you, and help you focus more on your business.

Payroll and PAYE

You are obliged to have, and to operate correctly, a PAYE Scheme registered with the Inland Revenue if you: have a Limited Company; employ anyone who earns more than the laid-down minimum weekly pay (including members of your own family); employ someone who has another job, and you pay them more than £1 per week; have employees that are over 16 years of age (people under 16 are exempt).

In order to process a PAYE Scheme for your business, we require a number of documents — if you would like to talk to us further about this, please contact us.